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Cupping Therapy

Cupping has its origins in ancient Chinese medicine, and has been practiced in that culture for over 2500 years. It has made its way into the Western culture in more recent years, and has gained popularity for its many therapeutic benefits.

Using silicone cups, or plastic cups with a pump, a negative pressure is achieved by eliminated the air within the cup, drawing the tissue away from the body in a suction-like manner. Cups may be stationary or incorporated into massage stroke movements. Cupping, if done correctly, should provide a tissue tension, or stretch, but not pain. Sometimes after treatment circular marks from the cups that appear bruise-like may be present. This is normal and usually dissipates within a couple of days.

Cupping is known to have positive effects on circulation by increasing blood flow to skin, organs and muscles. It is also very useful for moving and stretching fascial layers (which is my main purpose in using this technique!) and for stretching and relaxing chronically tightened muscles. Often our fascial and muscle tissues become cement-like through overuse or misuse and cupping helps "unstick" these tissues.

Cupping has proven to be invaluable with clients presenting with chronic conditions where results have plateaued with massage treatment. Clients report reduced pain, reduced muscle tension, and longer lasting treatment results when cupping has been combined with their regular massage!

If you have stubborn areas of tension ask to give Cupping a try at your next treatment!


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