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Jade Stone Massage

Jade is known as the stone of Heaven-- and you'll agree that a Jade Stone Massage is truly heavenly!!

Traditional Jade Stone Massage incorporates the use of hot and cold stones. Aimed at providing a de-stressing, relaxation treatment, the penetrating warmth of the hot stones, and the invigorating coolness of the cold stones provides a luxurious roller-coaster ride to your senses-- while providing all the wonderful therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy to your massage treatment.

The hot stones provide a deep, penetrating heat that increases circulation and assists in deeper relaxation. Cold stones calm inflamed tissue and ease muscle spasm and tension. The combination of both is indescribably lovely!

The smooth, beautiful jade stones are warmed in a professional stone heater (and cooled in ice-- sounds nasty, feels incredible!) to the perfect temperature for treatment, and then placed on specific areas of the body, or used within the massage strokes of a relaxation* treatment. The smoothness of the gliding stone combined with the deep heat (or stimulating coolness) provides a wonderful combination of senses to encourage relaxation and a sense of well-being. If you enjoy a traditional relaxation treatment, you'll LOVE the Jade Stone Massage treatment!

*Although Jade Stone Massage is most often used for relaxation, if you experience chronic conditions that are less responsive to traditional massage treatment, you may find the deep, penetrating heat of the jade stones helps relax stubbornly tight tissue, and/or the cool stones to sooth chronically inflamed areas.

(Treatments can be provided with hot stones only, if so desired).


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